How will India look after 100 years? AI told

People come from all over the world to see the beauty of India. Every place here has its own thing, but have you ever thought how much can change in India after 100 years. Let us know about this from some pictures shown by AI.

Temple view

This photo shows a huge crowd of devotees outside a temple in India. From this photo it can be inferred that in the coming times people may become engrossed in the devotion of God

Indian army

In this photo shown by AI, a large number of Indian Army is seen moving together. From this picture it seems that the army is engaged in the security of its country.

Glimpse of Vrindavan

In this picture AI has shown a glimpse of Vrindavan. Here some people sitting near the temple are busy preparing for the bhajan.

electrical network

In this photo shown by AI, it is seen that after 100 years, such a view can be seen in some places in India. In this, broken houses and webs of wires are visible.

National flag

People from different countries are seen in large numbers in this picture. Where everyone has hoisted their flag. At the same time, India is seen spreading its biggest flag.


Looking at this image shown by AI, it seems that after 100 years, pollution and garbage in India may increase a lot. In such a situation, it will become difficult for people to even walk.

people celebrating festivals

In this picture some festival is being celebrated with great pomp. Looking at this photo it seems that in the coming times too, every festival will be celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. (All Images Credit-