9 exercises to build muscle at home

Foot Lifted Push-Up

When you begin a pushup, place your feet on a short, elevated surface, such as a step stool or stairstep, and hold your hands about shoulder-width apart.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Faced away from a sturdy chair, take a step back on the chair, squat down with your forward leg so that your shin is vertical, lean forward as you descend, and maintain all of your weight on your forward foot's heel.

Pike Pushup

In order to achieve a straight line between your hands and hips, you should lift your hips from the push-up position. Pull yourself back up as you lower yourself, keeping your elbows in and your hips elevated the entire time.

Side Plank

Position your forearm perpendicular to your body on the ground while lying on your side. Maintain a straight posture, tense glutes, and a backward-folded shoulder.


Position a pull-up bar so that your palms are facing you. Then, begin by pressing your shoulder blades together. As you stand up, use your chest to lead.

Reverse Lunge

Make sure your knees form two 90-degree angles at the bottom of your long step back, then use your forward leg to pull yourself back up.

Single-Leg Box Squat

Beginning with your back to a chair or bench, raise one leg, sit back on the surface and stand up without lowering the other.