The Blue Umbrella

A heartwarming novella that tells the story of a young girl named Binya and her prized possession, a beautiful blue umbrella.

The Room on the Roof

It revolves around the adventures of Rusty, a teenage boy who runs away from his strict guardian to experience the world.

The Cherry Tree

A selection of short stories showcasing the mastery of Ruskin Bond's storytelling. The varied stories all touch on the subject of friendship. 

Rusty, the Boy from the Hills

This story sheds light on Rusty's travels, friendships, and the breathtaking Himalayan landscape. 

The Adventures of Rusty

The endearing protagonist who navigates the challenges and joys of growing up in the hills. These stories are filled with humour, warmth, and nostalgia.

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories

A compilation of short stories that reflect Bond's love for the hills and his ability to capture the essence of small-town life.

A Flight of Pigeons

The compelling story of Ruth Labrador and her family's fight to survive in the middle of political unrest and conflict is told in this novella.