8 coldest rivers in the world

Mackenzie River (Canada)

Flows through the Northwest Territories of Canada and can experience extremely cold temperatures, especially in winter.

Yukon River (United States and Canada)

Originating in Canada and flowing through Alaska in the United States, the Yukon River can have frigid temperatures, particularly in its upper reaches.

Indigirka River (Russia)

Another Siberian river, the Indigirka, is known for its icy conditions, with temperatures dropping significantly in the winter months.

Ob River (Russia)

 The Ob River, one of the major rivers of western Siberia, can experience extremely low temperatures, especially in its upper reaches.

Lena River (Russia)

 Flowing through Siberia, the Lena River is one of the longest rivers in the world and is known for its cold temperatures, particularly in winter.

Tuul River (Mongolia)

The Tuul River in Mongolia can experience very low temperatures, especially during the harsh winters in the region.

Palyavaam River (Russia)

Situated in Siberia, the Palyavaam River is known for its extremely cold temperatures, especially during the winter months.