8 animals that can swim, fly and walk


Ducks can swim on water, fly through the air, and walk on land.


Penguins are excellent swimmers, they, can also waddle on land, and some can even leap out of the water and glide through the air.


Seagulls are known for their ability to fly, but they can also swim on the water and walk on beaches and rocky shores.


Swans are graceful swimmers and can fly through the air. They are also known for their elegant walk


Pelicans can swim on the surface of the water, fly, and walk on land.


Albatrosses are remarkable flyers, and they can also swim and rest on the ocean's surface.


Terns are agile fliers and skilled divers in! water. They can also walk on sandy shores.


Guillemots are seabirds that can both swim and fly. They are not as comfortable on land! but can walk short distances.