7 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Kopi Luwak coffee

Often referred to as 'poop coffee', this coffee is extracted from the faeces of the Asian palm civets, which is kept on a diet of ripe coffee cherries. The Kopi Luwak costs $150 to $600 for less than half a kg.

Black Ivory coffee

This too is extracted from the poop of an animal, that of an elephant. In Northern Thailand, elephants are fed Arabica cherries and from their faeces, the 'elephant dung coffee' is extracted. Its cost starts at $1,000 for around 450g but can go up to nearly $1,500.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

From the mountainous terrain of the Chiriquí region in South-West Panama, this gourmet coffee is left to ripen among the cool winds. It costs nearly $350 for about 450g.

El Injerto coffee

This coffee is sold for up to $500 for about 450g. It is made of 'Injerto', a fruit native to Guatemala. To wash and break the coffee beans naturally, a channel of water is used.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

Only the coffee beans from a particular region of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, grown at a height of approximately 1524m, are recognised as the famed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It typically costs around $50 to $140 for 450g.

Hawaiian Kona coffee

These coffee beans are plucked from the volcanic slopes of the Kona district of Hawaii. It can cost $30 to $35 for 450g.

Los Planes coffee

The Finca Los Planes coffee is specially cultivated on a family-owned farm belonging to Sergio Ticas Reyes in El Salvador. They serve three varieties - Typica, Bourbón and Pacamara. These cost around $40 for almost 450g.