5 Famous Desserts Of Singapore


This popular dessert consists of shaved ice topped with green rice flour jelly (chendol), coconut milk, palm sugar syrup (gula melaka), and sometimes red beans. It's a refreshing and sweet treat, perfect for hot and humid days in Singapore.

Ice Kacang

Ice Kacang, also known as ABC (Ais Batu Campur), is a colourful and flavourful dessert made with ice, various toppings such as red beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, and attap chee (palm seeds), and drizzled with colourtul syrups like rose and sarsaparilla.

Tau Huay

Tau Huay is a silky smooth tofu pudding served with a sweet syrup, usually made from sugar and pandan leaves. It can be enjoyed warm or chilled and is a comforting and light dessert option.

Durian Pengat

Durian Pengat is a rich and creamy dessert made from durian pulp, coconut milk, and palm sugar. It's often served warm and has a distinct and intense durian flavour, making it a favourite among durian lovers in Singapore.

Kaya Toast with Soft-Boiled Eggs While not a traditional dessert, Kaya Toast with Soft-Boiled Eggs is a beloved breakfast or snack option in Singapore. Kaya is a sweet and fragrant coconut and egg jam spread on toasted bread, paired with soft-boiled eggs seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper.